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Friday, January 25, 2008

Objectives for setting up my 770 and N800

I am going to set both tablets up so that they can be booted from memory cards.


For the 770 the objective is to get more space for installing software and maybe make it go a little faster. I will set it up for dual booting but I don't expect to use that very often. I also hope that I can back up my memory card installation from the PC. I would like to have OS2007HE in the main flash memory and OS2006 in the memory card. I anticipate using OS2006 more than OS2007HE so I am picking this as the system to be loaded into the faster memory.


For the N800 the objective is also to get more space, performance(?) and the ability to back up the memory card. I also want to have a clean install on the internal flash for 'normal' usage, and an experimental install on a memory card to allow me to install crap without worrying too much about having to reinstall everything when things go pear-shaped. I also plan to do sw. development on the memory card. I want to install OS2008 in both the main flash memory and in the memory card - I would prefer OS2007 somewhere, but this does not seem to be possible at this time.

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